Enjoy the beautiful nature of Lapland with your own husky team! We offer three different tours for you to choose from.

Dogsledding holidays in Swedish Lapland

Petter Karlsson Finnmarksløpet champion!
Meet Petter and read more about his racing career.

Meet Petter


Alaskan husky dog sledding tours in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

The Magic of Husky Tours

Here is a taste of the majestic landscape you can enjoy when you join our 5 or 8 day tours.

The Metsjövidda Fjäll Race

Filmmaker Franki Bravo joined us for our exciting training race. Thank you for this video of the adventure!

A Swedish Musher

Check out this  wonderful video from our friends Peter Bergren and Emil Duvander.

5 Day Husky Tour

Get ready for a big adventure! Drive your own team of huskies through the snowy mountains of northern sweden.


8 Day Husky Tour

Experience the mushing lifestyle as you drive your own team of huskies deep into the wilderness.


One Day Husky Tour

You don't need a week to get a taste of the mushing life! Join our exciting day tour and drive a team of huskies around beautiful local trails.

Petterkarlsson - Husky dog sledding tours
husky dog sledding tours in Swedish Lapland.


Petter is one of Europe’s top dog mushers. He competes at the highest level of the sport, driving a team of Alaskan huskies thousands of miles across some of the harshest terrain in the most brutal conditions on earth. READ MORE

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Meet our Alaskan huskies!

Meet our Alaskan huskies!

There’s nothing more important to us
than our Alaskan Huskies.
We love our sled dogs and they love to run.

Meet Our Dogs

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