Our team

Petter Karlsson is a competitive dog musher and the breeder of some of the fastest long distance dogs on the planet. He has won Europe’s longest race (Finnmarksløpet, 1200km) four times, and the 650km Femundløpet in record breaking time. He is the World Champion in Longdistance.

Angela Stone Karlsson

Hailing from central Sweden, Angela has taken to life in the north and wouldn’t be anywhere else! While juggling work, business management, two raucous young boys and an equally raucous little girl, somehow Angela still finds time to support Petter’s farming and training, and is a cornerstone of the team.

Markus Karlsson

Markus is Petter’s brother, and while he is not running dogs himself, he does a lot of the daily work around the kennel. He helps groom the trails, does a lot of the logistics on the multiday tours and helps moving snow, gear and dog food around.
Sven Meise - Handler and Guide

Sven Meise

Handler and Guide

Oryan Molad-handler

Oryan Molad



Julie Lubin


Karina Berschneider

Handler and Guide

Meet the dogs

Every dog in our kennel is special and unique and every single one of them contributes something special to our team.