Here in Lapland we are a hardy bunch, and our tours take place in all weathers – so be ready! It could be windy, icy or snowy but that won’t stop us having an incredible experience together.

Our 5 and 8 days tours require a medium to high level of fitness. We cross varied terrain and you must be fit enough to help your team and push your sled sometimes.

Wilderness Expedition

Get ready for the ultimate dog sledding adventure

Take the trip of a lifetime deep into Lapland’s untouched Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve, the largest nature reserve in Europe. Here, you can drive for days here without meeting another soul. With your guide, World Champion Petter Karlsson, you will see places you can only reach by husky team and learn how to live life in northern Sweden’s wild and majestic nature in this unique and challenging tour.

Petter has lived in this region his whole life, his family has been here for 8 generations and this deep knowledge allows the group to have remarkable freedom to move and explore. There are so many possibilities once you are out as long as the conditions allow – you could cross the entire Vindellfällen Nature Reserve, eventually following the Vindel River all the way to it’s source, you could visit Norway, or how about camping on the arctic circle?

You can expect to really push yourself on this tour, sometimes running as far as 80 km in a single day. You might spend more time in tents or more time in cabins, depending on the conditions and the desires of the group.

Price: 37500 SEK

Personal touch

We believe in the personal touch. Our tours are all limited to a maximum of 4 guests, which allows us to enjoy a cosy atmosphere and means our guides can give each person any guidence and help they need.

Incredible nature

Explore with us the beautiful Kirjesålandet Nature Reserve. Kirjesålandet is part of the Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve which covers 5500 square kilometers of astounding nature and is the largest Nature reserve in Europe.

Unique experience

Days driving your sled through pristine snowy landscapes, nights in a wilderness cabin, enjoying dinner by the fire and life under the stars, what could be better!

The tour, day by day

Arrival day

Your guide will pick you up either buy the bus stop in Slussfors or from the flight transfer from Arvidsjaur.

You will be staying the first and the last night of the tour in our fully equipped guesthouse.

We will gear you up in warm overalls, boots and mittens, a sleeping bag with liner, headlamp and a waterproof duffle bag that you can put all your personal things in for the tour.

Depending on your time of arrival, you will eat lunch and dinner together with your guide.

You will also go to the kennel for an introduction of mushing and meeting our Alaskan Huskies.

After dinner your are welcome to relax in the sauna or chill out in our cozy living room, and get ready for the adventure ahead!

We will prepare the sleds with all the equipment and food we need for the expedition, then we will hook up our teams and head into the wilderness. We’ll drive into the beautiful Kirjesålandet Nature Reserve, part of the larger 5500 square kilometre Vindelfjällens Reserve.

Each day everyone assists with setting up camp and other chores, especially looking after your own dog team- with help from your guide you will become more skilled day by day in careing for your team.

Our goal for the day could be the cabin at Syterstugan or some other location further to the north. This area of the King’s trail (Kungsleden) one of Sweden’s best -known trails, famous for its outstanding natural beauty.
We will explore the area around Syterstugan, an area of outstanding natural beauty, before returning for chores and dinner at the cabin or camping on the trail.
We will continue dog sledding along the King’s Trail towards the remote hamlet of Ammarnäs.
In good conditions, our goal is to reach the cabin at Magasjö. Alternatively, this night may be spent winter camping.

We sled back towards the kennels across frozen lakes and through ancient forest.

Once we reach the kennel you will unpack your equipment and see to the dogs before the group goes back to the comfort of our guesthouse in Slussfors to relax, take a shower and a sauna. Your guide will join you for a last dinner to share amazing memories before we say goodbye.

Departure day

On the final day, depending on what time you will depart you can have a relaxing morning, enjoying breakfast and packing your things.

We will take you to the bus stop in Slussfors or to the flight transfer connecting to the afternoon flight from Arvidsjaur.

Join the adventure!