We are looking for two handlers / guides.

We are looking for people with a passion for dog sledding and with the energy and motivation to be an important part of our team with the goal to build up the best dog team in the world.
We live in Slussfors, Sweden at the border of Vindelfjällens nature reserv, here we have a long snow season (at least 6 months) with endless training opportunities in fantastic nature. We arrange 5-day overnight tours and you would be guiding 1-4 to…urs per month with a group of 4 guests. In between the tours there is time for normal kennel work and long distance training. In January we arrange our own training race of 300km where you will have the chance to take part, if you are ready for it.

The working days will be long but with fresh air and beautiful nature and some very good dogs to work with.
If you are interested send an e-mail to info@petterkarlsson.com

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