The Riders of the Arctic

New film The Riders of the Arctic documents Petter's win at Finnmarksløpet 2016
New film documenting Petter’s win at Finnmarksløpet 2016

New documentary The Riders of the Arctic out now.

Last year at Finnmarksløpet 2016 we were lucky when an unexpected addition to our handler crew joined us. Belgian filmmaker Hilse De Groote was shooting a documentary about the race and the mushers who compete in it. She had been riding with British musher Mel Andrews but when Mel’s race finished early she hopped into the Petter Karlsson van and spent the next few days filming us! This turned out to be quite an exciting coincidence since Petter’s race had such a dramatic conclusion. The film she made is called The Riders of the Arctic and is available to buy or rent now. To find out more visit her website

A couple of weeks ago we got an early sneak peak of the film and the whole team loved it! Hilse did a great job of capturing the challanges, tiredness and excitement of the Finnmarksløpet trail. But don’t just take our word for it! The film has played at film festivals all over the world, and was a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Cine-Fest and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festivals. Well done Hilse!

You can help to support independent cinema and spread the word about the great sport of dog mushing by buying The Rider of the Arctic now.