16-18th of januari 2024

Metsjövidda Fjällrace 2024


Metsjövidda Adventures is  organized by Team Petter Karlsson Sleddogs. It is an expedition under racelike conditions where mushers can evaluate routines and team qualities before going to long distance races. The trail covers the Swedish mountains with a distance of 240 and 320 km respectively.

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How to follow

If you want to follow this adventure, follow our Facebook page (Team Petter Karlsson Sleddogs) or Instagram (@petterkarlssonsleddogs) accounts for updates!

All teams will also have GPS trackers on their sleds. You can follow them here: http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20240116Metsjovidda/.

Teams will start Tuesday the 16th of January at 09.00 in the morning.

The expedition starts in Slussfors at 09.00 in the morning on Tuesday the 16th of January. The teams will cover 120 km before they reach the Checkpoint of Danasjö I, which has a depot with water, straw, a veterinarian and also a possibility to drop dogs. From Danasjö, the teams will make an 80 km loop before arriving to Checkpoint Danasjö II. From Checkpoint Danasjö II, the teams then covers the 120 km back to Slussfors. The total distance of the adventure is currently estimated to 320km, with a cut down possibility to 240 km by not making the 80 km loop.

Download gpx-file here.

For this expedition there will be some rules in place to ensure the safety of all dogs and people. All teams will have to carry the mandatory gear, see list below.  Note that you will need to use your equipment for resting/sleeping on checkpoint. A veterinarian will check every dog in each team on Checkpoint Danasjö.

Mandatory Equipment:
GPS with the accurate trail
Map with the trail (will be provided)
Water cooker
1 liter fuel
Axe or big knife
A dog coat for each dog
Extreme bivibag
Insulation mattress
Sleeping bag
First aid
Extra set of clothes with under and outerwear, gloves, hat, socks, boots. Packed in a waterproof bag.
Headlight with extra batteries
Light stick and matches (must be carried on the body)
Trash bag
8 booties /dog out from each checkpoint
Emergency dog food. 500g/ dog that is in the team at the start.
Emergency food for musher min 500g, to be used earliest 24h after leaving previous checkpoint.

To join the adventure, you have to be experienced enough to manage yourself and your team in the mountains. The participation fee is 3000 SEK/€300. Get in contact at info@petterkarlsson.com for further instructions.