Join the team!

join the team
Join the team!


The kennel is growing, and we are looking for new volunteers, handlers and guides to join our friendly team.

We’re looking for enthusiastic people who are happy to help with every part of kennel work. Hours can be long, especially in the winter and you must be able to work out in all weathers.

We are firstly a racing kennel and our focus through the year will be Finnmarksløpet 2018. Our other focus is winter tours which keep us extremely busy from late November to the end of April.

There will be opportunities for long distance training with some of the best dogs in Europe and the chance to run in “the toughest 300km in Sweden” our Metsjövidda Fjäll training race if you are ready for it.

To apply please send an email describing your experience to


Do you love the outdoors, animals and challenging yourself every day? If the answer’s yes then volunteering at our kennel could be for you!

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team. Some experience of working with animals is prefered but we will give training to the right person.

The work is varied, especially in the summer when we try to complete various building and other jobs not possible during the winter season.

Key duties include cleaning the kennel, assisting the handlers with care of the dogs, training the dogs + feeding the dogs (with training and supervision from the full time team), help with tasks in the kennel.

Volunteers will have enough free time to enjoy the beautiful area around Slussfors, and will receive free food and board at the kennel.


We are seeking an experienced handler to join our team. The successful candidate will have experience working with sleddogs and be particularly interested in sleddog care. This position involves working closely with Petter to ensure his A-team is in great shape for Finnmarkslöpet.

Key duties include:

Feeding and keeping close track of each dogs diet
Dog training (mainly puppies dogs coming back from injury)
Administering medicine where needed
Keeping track of stock e.g. meat and dry food
Ensuring kit repairs (e.g. sleds, harnesses) and crafting (e.g. tuglines, necklines) are done in a timely fashion


We’re looking for an experienced sled guide who’s ready for a new adventure. The successful candidate will guide our 5 Day Tour approximately 3-6 times per month as well as day and half day tours on an ad hoc basis during high season. You can read more about our tours on our website:

Out of tour season and on days when they’re not guiding the guide will take on standard handler tasks such as feeding and training.

Petter-Karlsson-and his dogs