Finnmarksløpet update

On the Finnmarksløpet trail again
On the Finnmarksløpet trail again

What an exciting day on the Finnmarksløpet trail!

At Neiden II Petter took a 3 hour 40 minute rest. As the time came to leave he prepared his dogs in no rush, he was happy knowing that Dallas would go out in front of him. But then soon into his run Dallas had to return to the checkpoint to drop off one of his dogs. Now Petter was in the lead! But the important thing in this situation is not to let emotions get the better of you and push too hard.

Now  (21:47) Petter is on his way to Varangerbotn, hot on the heels of Dallas Seavey and Birgitte Naess. Petter rested for at least 2 hours on the trail. So far he’s been sticking quite closely to the *master* plan. We hope it continues to go well!

You can follow Finnmarksløpet’s TV coverage on NRK TV

Thanks to our sponsors Bozita Robur, the Swedish dog food powering the team through these incredible runs.