Emil Ekfeldt is now out on the trail

Emil Ekfeldt has now started out on Femundlöpet 400 even though the storm “Ole” is blowing so at sometimes he can not see the leaddogs.

They all cary the following mandatory equipment. It is required that the equipment be functional when
approved so that the participant is able to survive extreme situations
regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Relevant maps
  • Magnetic compass
  • Veterinary handbook.
  • Water boiler with a container sufficient to heat a minimum of 0,5
    litres of water per dog.
  • 0,5 liters of red spirit or similar for heating water.
  • Snow spade.
  • Axe or large knife (at least 20cm blade)
  • Sleeping bag for extreme conditions. The bag shall weigh at least 2,5
    kg or provide sufficient shelter and heat for at least –30 C.
  •  Lined extreme wind bag (for example Helsport X-trem or Jerved Thermo
    bivouac bags or of similar quality). Minimum weight shall be at least
    1.2kg. An unlined bivouac bag is not accepted! An alternative to an
    extreme wind bag may be a tent that can withstand a storm in the
  • Extra clothes including both inner and outer garments, socks and shoes
    or other footwear.
  • First aid kit containing at least: pain killers, plasters, a roll of
    sport’s tape, gauze and bandage (or a pressure bandage instead) as well
    as medication to cure both human and dog diarrhoea.
  • Headlight and batteries.
  • Light stick or rescue light. Must be carried on the body.
  • Matches packed in plastic or a similar watertight container. Must be carried on the body.
  • 8 booties per dog out from each checkpoint, including booties that are in use at that point.
  • Emergency supplies of dog food, 500g per dog in the team at the start.
    The emergency supplies shall be packed separately and sealed by the
  • The musher shall have food supplies for him/herself, minimum weight 500g.

In addition to this they also cary food /snacks for the dogs and the musher that they plan to feed during the run.

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