Dob: 03/07/2013
Parents: Ulv x Skorpan

“Kira is a little speed demon. She’s very good in lead. She just wants the team to run as fast as possible – especially in an uphill! I always call her the cheerleader because she gets the team so pumped. In Finnmark 2016 I had a terrible flu – fever, coughing, everything. The team that year was so strong out of Alta and I was at my weakest. Every time I coughed Kira gave her sharp little WOUGH WOUGH WOUGH barks and the team would just fly. It went on like this for half the race! Coming into Kirkenes, we had to climb these gigantic steep uphills after more than 500 km running and I got a bit lazy. So I would give a cough and then of course WOUGH WOUGH WOUGH and it was like adding rocket fuel. I just grabbed the sled really hard and let them drag me away! Another dog from Ulv, Kira doesn’t just bark, she runs as hard as she can.” Petter

Kira is also very happy to have a sponsor, many thanks to Matthias Arn!