Ready for Femundlöpet

The training before Femundlöpet is done and we will go to röros on wednesday. The dogs have been running 4000 km since August and the team looks good.
They  are happy, have a good bodyweight, are eating good and best of all, they are running good.
The team this year is very intresting  because Torsten Kohnert is going for the Yukon Quest and he brought only two of his own dogs plus Ulv that he borrowed from us.
From December when he left we borrowed the best of his remaining dogs and i must admit that some of his dogs are very very good.

The team for Femundlöpet will be as follow.

Kokos (Elim x Donna) Mainleader and unfortunately the only dog in this team that i trust for steering.
 She will probably be one of my most important dogs.

Roy (Rolex x Donna) Is always there 

Phoenix (Elim x Donna)  Always one of the best.

Demon (Elim x Donna)  probably my best dog in performance.

Mia (Fucken x Maran) leaddog, never getting tired and she loves strong wind

Wille  (Elim x Trillobiten)  Always happy and steaming on

Diesel  (Elim x Donna) Always one of the best, at the moment he looks even better than his brothers

Skorpan  (Handsome x Inmari) in heat at the moment and one of my last choises

Ginger ( Elim x Fire) Borrowed from Torsten. can run in lead, very good dog

Frost ( Alamo x ??? ) Borrowed from Torsten. A super dog from what i could see so far. Will become a very good leaddog and will probably be one of my most important dogs.

Buck ( Elim x Wilma) Borrowed from Torsten. One more super dog out of Elim. This dog really know how to run. Mainleader and will probably be one of my most important dogs.

Grålle (Biff x Wilma) Borrowed from Torsten good teamdog

Pepper ( Rumba x Mikey)   reservdog, easy running little female

Dunder ( Elim x Donna) reservdog, main leader and a very good dog. He missed a few runs some weeks ago because of injury. he looks good now again but i might save him for Finnmarkslöpet.

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