Petter Karlsson the fist one to reach checkpoint Tolga!

Petter Karlsson was the first one of the F600 mushers to reach Tolga.

He and the dogs did an increadable run of 212 km. Orkelbogen-Grimsbu-Orkelbogen-Tolga in 16 h 16 minuests.

He had 8 dogs in the team and part of the way he had a dog in the sled, to rest it.

Birgitte Neasse did almost the same, but lost 3 minuets to Petter so now Petter has a 44 minuet lead.

They will take a 8 hour mandatory rest on Tolga.

Petter was served a three course dinner as a price from checkpoint Tolga, that was very mutch apprecialted since it was his first warm meal since the beginning of the race.
Dinnar at Tolga

Petter will start out again at 00:43 and hopefully reach the finish line in Röros around 05 in the morning. After his 8 hour rest it will be interesting to see how the team will run the last leg of 68km.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.