Check out our brand new website for our husky sleddog tours and race season news!

Learn more about our sleddog tours on the new Petter Karlsson website

We are delighted to share our brand new website with you! is the one stop shop for information about our husky sleddog tours and Petter’s race training, news and results.

The new website is full of exciting new features. You can learn more about us and the guides and handlers who work here in the “our team” section. You can see profiles of some of the stars of the show, the huskies, when you “meet the dogs”. We’ll be updating the meet the dogs part of the site with photos of more of our canine athletes in the coming months!

The new website is full of information about our amazing adventure tours. Book now to drive your own husky team through the beautiful wilderness of northern Sweden’s Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve.

We will be updating the site regularly with all the latest news about Petter’s race season. Follow our blog (you’re on it right now!) where we will provide ongoing behind the scenes insights. Our guide Helen will be keeping it updated with photos and stories of our training. We’ll post interviews with Petter, those that work with the guests and dogs, and special guest interviews with experts like husky chiropractor and all round canine physique virtuoso José Luis Pedrero Bautista.

You’ll be able to keep up with the lead up to Femundløpet and Finnmarksløpet as well as follow Petter’s races as they happen on the blog. As if that wasn’t enough we will also be hosting exclusive coverage of the Metsjövidda Fjäll race, the toughest 300km in Sweden! We take the training race extremely seriously here at the kennel, and you can see how Petter, Helen and Bent’s teams do here on the blog.

We’d like to thank Peter Berggren for all his hard work designing and building the site. You can see more of Peter’s work, both as a designer and as a filmmaker, on his website.