Meet the dogs


“As a child, I started to devote a lot of my time to dogs, to understand their behaviour and to learn from them. Soon they became the passion of my life. Later they made it possible for me to become the European Champion, the winner of Finnmarksløpet, Femundløpet and La Grande Odyssée and the multiple winner of the Swedish Championship in dog sledding.”  


/ Petter Karlsson

We breed dogs with the capacity and even more importantly the desire to run and run. They can keep going over extremely long distances at a very fast pace. To make the team a dog must be healthy with a good coat, good paws and a great appetite. It’s important that they eat and drink well no matter how tired they are. Most of the dogs on the race team are from our own breedings.

What makes these top athletes so strong and happy? Beyond the excellent blood lines developed at the kennel the dogs have the best food, the best training and the benefit of the musher’s experience. Petter feeds them Bozita ROBUR dog food, starts his training program long before the snow falls and is an expert in dogs and their behavior.

Finnmarksløpet Champion Kokos 2016

Kokos finished Finnmarkslöpet in first place this year. She ran in single lead to the finish line, just like she did the two years before. Kokos has never been injured and is always the leaddog that runs the last part of the race. She is a little dog but she outruns most other dogs with her speed and focus and easy style of running.

See Kokos finish Finnmarkslöpet YouTube play

See Kokos finish Finnmarkslöpet


Hog is probably the best dog I have ever run. He is a very fast and hard driving leaddog. He runs straight through deep snow, storms, water or anything else that comes his way. He is a magnificent dog with a lot of power.


Ulv has been a very good leaddog for me and is the father to many new young dogs in my team. Some years ago he finished the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod in the same year and with great performances.


Gaga was one of the most important leaddogs in Petter’s Finnmark-team this year. She ran in lead for about 90% of the race.