Kaisa Rebane

Kaisa’s motto is (in norwegian) “Følg drømmen ikke strømmen”, (“Follow the dream not the stream”) and she certainly lives by those words!

Kaisa’s has experience in a diverse range of disciplines, from physiotherapy and sports massage to orienteering and through work as a rope access technician. In 2016/17 winter she did a 850km solo thru-hike in Estonia with a backpack and pulk sled. She says “During 41 days of walking I realised that hiking and long expeditions is what I want to do for living and started to find ways to live my dream. Dogsledding seemed a good place to start and that lead me to Northern Norway, where I got my first experiences as a dogsledding guide.”

Kaisa is a knowledgable guide, full of energy and with an infectious “can-do” attitude. She will be running the Metsjovïdda Fjäll Race with a team of crazy yearlings!