Meet The Dogs

meet the dogs

“These dogs are more than athletes, they’re superheroes” Petter Karlsson

Every dog in our kennel is special and unique. Whether they are a veteran racer who now licks our puppies into shape, a sprightly yearling with hopes of racing in 2021 or a current lean, mean, race winning machine, every single one of them contributes something special to our journey to Finnmarksløpet and on to the Iditarod.

Now we are giving you the opportunity to be part of your favourite dog’s journey. Your donation will go directly to the Iditarod fund which will be used to transport, feed and care for our dogs during the Iditarod.

When you sponsor one of our canine athletes you will receive a big THANK YOU here on the website as well as on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll send you a Christmas and end-of-season update of your dog with exclusive pictures to the email of your choice, and best of all, your dog will receive an extra special full body massage to say thanks for all their hard work! We’ll make sure you get some photos of your dog enjoying their massage.

Sponsorship starts at 20 euro a year and we accept payment through paypal only.