It’s all go for the teams in Røros!

After a hectic day of meetings, registration and final packing, the teams are almost ready to go, although there are always some last minute preparations for race morning!   Somehow the mushers have still found time to enjoy all the race can offer, like the lovely opening ceremony, in the beautiful setting of Røros’ famous …

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Join the team!

join the team

PETTER KARLSSON SLEDDOGS IS HIRING! The kennel is growing, and we are looking for new volunteers, handlers and guides to join our friendly team. We’re looking for enthusiastic people who are happy to help with every part of kennel work. Hours can be long, especially in the winter and you must be able to work out in all …

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Crossing the finishline in Femundlöpet 600 as the Champion!

Petter Karlsson won the race! He crossed the finish line with 7 dogs in the team, at 06:04 as the Champion of Femundlöpet 2017! He had a lead of 38 minuets to Birgitte Naess who came in second. The dogs in the team where Moscow, Hugo, Hippo, Odin, Lemmy, Lilly and Stalone.

Birgitte Naess the second team into Tolga

See Birgitte Naesss and her team come in as number 2, to Tolga amongst the F600 mushers. She lost 3 minuets to Petter from the run from Orkelbogen, So in total Petter has a 44 minuet lead.

Petter Karlsson in the Lead at Orkelbogen!

Petter Karlsson started out 1 hour and 45 minuets after Ralph Johannessen from Sövollen. Petter had then been resting for 2h 7 minuets, while Ralph had only made a short stop of 12 minuets. The next run to Orkelbogen was 107 km. Petter had a smooth run and was gaining on Ralph. When he passed …

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Road to Femundløpet

The start of the journey to Femundløpet

While the excitement of a race may begin for most when they see the teams jumping and barking on the starting line, any musher (or handler!) will tell you that the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to it are often just as much of a whirlwind. The days before this year’s Femundløpet have …

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The Riders of the Arctic

New documentary The Riders of the Arctic out now. Last year at Finnmarksløpet 2016 we were lucky when an unexpected addition to our handler crew joined us. Belgian filmmaker Hilse De Groote was shooting a documentary about the race and the mushers who compete in it. She had been riding with British musher Mel Andrews but when …

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