Watch NRK tv reports

Petter surpriced the Norweigans by being the first to reach Kirkenes. Watch it here The leading teams have reached Varangerbotn. Watch it here. Petter run right through Sirbma and continued to Levajok. Whatch it here.

Watch the start of Finnmarkslöpet

See the start of Finnmarkslöpet 2016 live on at 11:00 Petter has bib #13 and will start out at 11:13 Follow the race on and You can also follow our team on Facebook:  Team Petter Karlsson Sleddogs and on Instagram: @petterkarlssonsleddogs

We are on the Way to Finnmarkslöpet!

Finally we are on the Way to Alta! We had problems finding handlers that could follow, but finally Petters sister Anna said she would join Angela. Follow the race on  and  instagram @petterkarlssonsleddogs