Dob: 14/03/2016
Parents: Hog x Lady

“Jippis is a real pleasure seeker! She loves attention, eating and running – in that order. Another tank like dog, she is our heaviest female. She gets her size and strength from her mother Lady. The remarkable thing about her is that you could drop her in the A-team all of a sudden and go long, go fast, and it’s really nothing to her. She has so much energy she will come off the line after hundreds of kilometres and still be running around like a maniac. She is a strong dog – and from the puppies she had with Odin we expect dogs that will get better the longer we run. It’s almost like Odin’s never ending source of power. In Sweden we say “Urkraft”, it means “a force of nature”. If things are hard or bad you know she’ll be fine.” Petter